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Food is incredible. We often waste it, but we can't survive without it. It can be anything that is edible. Soldiers in World War One actually ate the lice on their body!. Further on I'll be telling you about the types of food, where food comes from, GM food and what you can do to help people without food.

Types of food

There are lots of types of foods. These include: junk food, ready-made meals and roasts. Exotic foods are foods from other countries, like the French have snails, India has currys, and England has Fish & Chips! Find out more here

Junk Food

Where food comes from

There are two sources of food. They are animal based foods and plant based foods. Animal based foods include milk, eggs, cheese, meat,fish and poultry. Plant based foods include trees, plants,bushes crops and roots. Food can also be combined to get a meal. Here is a video of how pasta is made.

GM Food

GM tomato larger than normal tomato

GM food is food geneticlly modified to do something. For example, a land plant could be modified to live underwater, a tomato modified to be bigger. This is done by inserting or extracting genes from the organism. Animals can be modified too. Cows can be changed into creating healthier milk for example. Lots of people are worried that GM food is not safe to eat. To find out more about this go to this website.

People Without Food

Some people in our world don't have access to food. This is because of war, poverty or something else. 1 in 9 people go to sleep hungry every night. We should be grateful for the food we get, and remember those who aren't as lucky. To donate food, give some to your local foodbank, or give it to charities like Oxfam and the UN.

The Word 'Food' Surrounded By Food